Christmas Gifts – I need a darning foot


Dear Sultana,

I was all excited about doing some free form sewing for my Christmas gifts. In her book, “Scandinavian Stitches”, Kajsa Wikman makes it sound so simple. One of the things that is needed is a darning foot for the sewing machine. I just assumed I had it because there are a few feet in my machine that I have never used.

So then I had everything set up and ready to go. I put down my feed dogs and started stitching and the fabric won’t move, I had to manually pull it, which can’t be good for the machine. I was beginning to wonder if I missed something. Maybe my machine is different, or maybe a darning foot is something other than the foot I was using (ended up I was using the see through general purpose foot).

So I checked it out on google and true enough, a darning foot is something quite different. It has got a spring to it and is not part of the basic sewing feet kit that I’ve got. So off to trade me, and there were quite a few, I was getting quite confused.

Some more research and I found out that my machine (Brother NX200) is a snap on, lower shank machine and most parts fit this machine. I found the part SA129 and watched a tutorial on it and found the missing part.

Back to trademe and bought it for $22 including shipping. I think that was pretty good, some models can cost up to $50, I think they are more heavy duty.

So, yesterday, it arrived in the mail and I was so excited! Got out my applique pieces. Got out  some scrap fabrics and started practicing. And to be honest I really do need the practice. Steady hands are important. Walk the fabric slowly but step on the pedal hard. So you get lots of stitches on your fabric.

practice makes perfect

practice makes perfect

attempting the strawberries

attempting the strawberries

I drew a strawberry onto paper, then using carbon paper I transferred it onto iron on fusible webbing and fused that onto the fabric so it’s a bit stiffer and easier to handle. I then just free form stitched the leaves onto the strawberries. I’m not so happy with the colours but those are the only green and reds I could find in my stash. I’ll think of some more designs and show you in more details how I went about this in my next post.

Carbon paper and templates

Carbon paper and templates

The technique by Kajsa Wikman is quite a messy look, a bit like a child’s drawing so it’s very forgiving to unsteady hands and allows for going over the design a few times.

Now, I just need a bit of time to start on making my little applique bits.



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