Enjoying the Garden and “Spot it Again” by Delphine Chedru


Dearest Sultana,

What a beautiful Friday morning we have today. Especially after two days of heavy rain.

I am having my morning coffee in the garden with June, it is a little windy but the sunshine is keep us nice and warm. I will soon have to start preparing my garden for the summer, but I think it’s still a little too early at the moment. We’ve just experienced a cold snap and there could be another one of those before the weather truly improves.

In the meantime, here are some of my plants. The feijoas are showing some promising new growth, lavender blooming wildly. I love my lavender, they came with the house and last year I was so frustrated with their unshapely growth I cut them right down. Wasn’t sure if they would be able to grow again but to my utter delight that did and there’s a nice bush of them now.

9veAJowzCTSqC8Sw1G0CElZI-lCYpkOSCkoXorO4_BfeITjTI5KjcaGbox8R44jIcQ=w826-h720 k1xIAzg3uUoKEvwwVkK7_oz5rLlTomYufDtaI3_fSmd-09WpOTO3wLU_MB3hYlJFhg=w826-h720

I’ve got some fragrant freesia too, such a delight. And the goldfish swimming happiliy in their pot.


Oh, and I happened to find some Kumquat. I’ve never eaten these before. They came with the house. It will be nice to try them out once they ripen.


We happened upon this book while browsing the children’s section in the library

spot it again

Spot it Again by Delphine Chedru

I had to mention this book because my girls had so much fun with it. It is a variation of the “I spy” theme which is a great favourite in our family. It’s called “spot it again” by Delphine Chedru. It’s got 50s style colours and very simple repetitive geometric designs with little creatures hiding in them. It’s brilliant, highly recommended. We are going to be looking for the first of this series, “Spot It”



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