Paper Cutting


Dearest Sultana,

Every year, two weeks after Chinese New Year, there is a lantern festival held at Albert Park, in the middle of Auckland City.

This festival has been going on since 2000, and I think I must have been going to it pretty much since it’s first year, since before I started dating my husband to be, till we went together as a couple, and later on as a married couple and now we take our girls to it.

It is one of the highlights of the year for me. Lanterns adorn the huge old trees that line Albert Park, and kids carry lanterns and floating balloons while they visit all the new and familiar old exhibits. Princes St is converted into a long street-food lover’s paradise and it goes on till late into the night.

It was here that I saw my first Chinese paper cutting. This was about the time right after my husband and I got engaged and I was looking for our two chinese horoscope signs to frame up for our new house.

The ones I like best are on plain red paper, and unfortunately the pair I framed have gotten faded from sitting in the sun (a mistake I will not repeat). So I’ve been looking for replacements ever since, but the Chinese Paper Cutting stall never returned to the festival.

This started my fascination and love of paper cuttings and I was delighted when I recently came across this blog by Wendy Patricio, Papel de Pinay

She puts up some of her creations and even shares the process she goes through to create them.

This one is my favourite:

Here are some other lovely ones:

Her work has really inspired me, I think I’ll give it a go. Maybe I’ll doodle around first and when I come up with something decent I might look into purchasing a cutting tool.



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  1. How cool! I would love to go to a festival like that, it sounds like fun. I enjoy paper cutting too. I just started blogging, so I don’t have much up yet though. Your blog looks terrific though, and I can’t wait to read many more posts. πŸ™‚

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