Rewards Chart and Auckland Museum Visit


Dearest Sultana,

May made herself a Rewards Chart:


She even made the stickers to go on it. One side for June and the other for herself… Obviously her side is the one with the long haired girl and the most rewards.

She rewards herself, for tidying up, for creativity and for sleeping in her bed for the whole night. She rewarded June for finishing her dinner and helping tidy up.

And you know what, this chart has been working wonders! And she came up with it all on her own! It’s been up since yesterday, I hope she will stay with it for a little while longer.


On Saturday the three of us went to visit the Auckland War Memorial Museum. It’s got a lovely children’s section which the girls enjoyed. They also had an engaging exhibit on the marine life surrounding Auckland, “Moana, my Ocean” which has become a hot topic in our house since the government proposal to reduce the recreational fishermen’s fishing quota. What we found of most interest in that exhibit was the life cycle of the snapper, the fish that daddy usually brings home from his fishing trips, and the biodiversity at the Leigh Marine Reserve. We plan to take the girls there in summer, it really is a fascinating place to snorkle, to see snappers and lots of other fish, completely unafraid and swimming right up to the shallow waters. This time round, we’ll also be doing some kayaking.


After the museum we went to the Wintergardens. This is one of my favourite spots, I love the burst of colours in the wintergarden.

bWHq0giGkXNhvVLNf3tMToF-UBD-aW3S7-BWrqvvLhR8yH8Vu9pZOVFBca0fzh61dw=w1600 Vwr8D70Be8tfYDm3y_G1VviNlgYaYOl28Yy3ZzrLNRxwek_4i21UrnOh_Lny2afpkw=w1600

The greens in the humid heat in the tropical garden, such a contrast from the wintergarden and never fails to remind me of Indonesia. This time round they even had bananas and jackfruit growing. Jackfruit growing! What a sight.



The Auckland War Memorial Museum and the Wintergardens are both located at the Auckland Domain, Park Road, Grafton.


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