Kayak Fishing Tuesday


Dearest Sultana,

Kayak Fishing Tuesday has finally come and gone and the weather delivered on it’s promise. It was a bright sunshiny day. My husband left home at 5AM and launched at 6.10AM on Sullivan’s Bay.


The water was calm and he said in there was a flurry of snapper activity the first hour but there were no more bites after that. He stayed on for a while longer, trying to catch some Trevally but to no avail.

Here’s his catch:


Not bad!

He shared some with his co-workers and brought home 3 snappers.

He scaled and gutted them, then passed them onto me. I cut them into steaks and put them in the deep fryer.


Sorry for the colour of the photo. I only have my phone camera. It sure tasted good though. Moist on the inside, crisp on the outside. We all feasted on fish tonight, the kids loved their fish, which was so good to see. They are usually a bit picky when it comes to fish. It was nice eating fish again after two weeks off. I think this is the beginning of another great fishing season. My husband is already planning his next fishing trip this Saturday.



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