First Paper Cutting Attempt


Dearest Sultana,

My recent post on paper cutting attracted some attention from other paper cutters. One of those bloggers is kceh of

She has got a few templates up on her blog and I decided this was the perfect opportunity for me to try it out.

You can find this template on her blog:


I don’t have a proper paper cutting knife, so I used a penknife. I know it’s not ideal but I just wanted to try this out to see if it’s something I would enjoy doing. (my printer toner is almost finished, hence the faint grey print, apologies).

hBzb3XC7vzZ09aoqDfyoUW7mkHY10f2vtRFAYwuVbFa7-Cxhm9RyM9zBtwKVUO-uYA=w1600 GWQp3F6dnnz_PG178Z1q6_vgEBdOsRgw7tCpCABU7NpGhE30pgfvMiznE_eKjcbpAw=w1600

Done! I’m so pleased with the result. If you looked closer you will notice the jagged edges, but I think I did OK for a first try. I think some practice and a proper knife would help improve my skills.

I love the shadow effect. Maybe next time I will try making a bookmark. I will investigate on the price of a proper paper cutting knife. X-acto has been recommended.



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