Blogtember – How would I spend 3 months if it was completely up to me…


Prompt 2:

Wednesday, September 4: If you could take three months off from your current life and do anything in the world, what would you do? (bonus points for fun photos from Pinterest, but don’t forget to cite the source!)

Thinking about this prompt, it is harder than I expected to come up with something. I mulled over it overnight and suddenly I was reminded of the time when we were about two years into our marriage, before we gave serious thought to starting a family.

Before we were married, one of my husband’s dreams was immigrating to America. I guess at that time we still had a rosy view of USA, land of opportunity (it still is, but as my father in law so aptly put it, opportunity comes where you work for it). My husband was much more into this idea than I was, I felt like I’ve found my home in NZ.

Anyway, we participated in the annual lottery scheme to get an American green card, and we got picked! I mean we would have to get interviewed, fill in lots of application forms etc, but I think at the time our chances were pretty good.

Even though in the beginning I was ambivalent towards the idea of leaving NZ to start again somewhere new, I have to admit that I soon became very excited. We discussed where in America we wanted to move to. I scoured the internet trying to find information about the different states and cities. I pored over forums to see the pros and cons of cities chosen by other candidates. I daydreamed about the life we would have there, the places we would see, the experiences we would share. What I wanted to do more than anything else was eat at an authentic American diner. I thought that was as American as you can get. Oh the adventures awaiting us. I was intoxicated by the whole idea.

After that reality set in. It wasn’t like we were miserable in NZ. I had my family here and we have always been close. We had our own home and a steady income. Were we really prepared to move thousands of kilometers away from all that was familiar to us?

We found out that I was pregnant about a week before our scheduled appointment with the embassy. That really made us rethink the whole situation and in the end we decided that opportunity is what we make of it. We had something good going for us in NZ and we were staying here for good.

This was in 2007, a year before the recession that began in 2008 where America was hit hard. Even now as I think of it I feel grateful for the funny way things worked out.

Coming back to today’s prompt:

If you could take three months off from your current life and do anything in the world, what would you do?

Although in the end we decided that moving to America was not for us, whenever I think back to that period in my life, I can still feel a giddiness and longing for discovering the USA. I still really want to sit and dine in a genuine American diner.

So, if I had 3 months, with unlimited funds and the girls were just a little bit older, I would love love love to go on an American road trip. I would start in NY where my best friend lives (the original Sultana), catch up with her and her family and then slowly make my way around the country.

Must sees:

Please excuse the order, I’m not working off a map and am not all that familiar with the geographic locations of most places


I’m a huge fan of Dexter, I just have to see Miami, experience the colours and atmosphere and try some of the interesting foods of the region. Of course we will also need to stop by Disney world for the girls (and their parents). I’ll also want to stop by the Everglades

New Orleans

Something so romantic and tragic about New Orleans, there’s no way I could do a road trip without stopping by here.

Chicago for the amazing architecture

It was brought to my attention by M of Redesigned by M

Charleston, South Carolina

I have read a few books set in Charleston and in the South

Authors that I like are Dorothea Benton Frank and  Anne Rivers Siddons and the reason I keep reading these books, despite them being quite removed from the world I live in, is the South, something about it that’s mesmerising and keeps me coming back for more. Also, the seafood seems to be something awesome. Oh and I really want to try out “grits”

Seattle, Washington

It would have been most likely that we would have moved to Seattle if we had decided to move. It seems to be the right place in terms of what we’re looking for in a city, culture and people. The weather was the only thing that was holding us back a little.

Washington DC

To visit the National Museum of Natural History and some of the other historical landmarks.

I have to admit that a lot of my knowledge is gleaned from American TV, movies and books. Besides these better known places I am also looking forward to passing through smaller towns and visiting craft shops to gather ideas and add to my fabric stash. OK, not just craft shops. I am a bit of a shopaholic. I love to window shop, I love seeing new things. And I think America will deliver on this for me, a country filled with people who dream this big is bound to be filled with an assortment of eclectic, curious and wondrous shops. I am also looking forward to the food. And the many natural wonders that America has to offer, the grand canyon, the national parks..

One last detail to this trip, we will be going in one of those huge Winnebago’s that I’ve always looked at with wonder.

Tomorrow’s prompt is:

Monday, September 9: Take this short personality test and respond to your results. (at the end, find the detailed profile of your personality account – click “click to view” under “You” and “self awareness and personal growth.” You can even google your type and find more info on it!)



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  1. When you say american diner what do you mean exactly? Like a retro hamburger and hot dog joint? lol. That’s what comes to my mind. I don’t feel like the U.S. has much of a specific cuisine. Do you guys have Mexico food where you live? Because if not, that’s worth trying! I live in the U.S. in Oregon and though I haven’t traveled too far, I feel like other than a few of our major cities there isn’t as much to see here as there is in other countries with older histories. America is definitely an interesting place though, especially in places like Portland. Haha. I wouldn’t mind someday moving to another country too, as long as it’s not too far away from home, like England maybe. I’ve never been out of the country though so it’s hard to say.

    • I mean like a diner in TV shows… Like in Seinfeld where the gang used to meet. Is that not as american as I thought? Where you can order fruit pies or whatever is on special? Breakfast food? Mexican food is beginning to emerge in Auckland and I do like it very much. We don’t really have a specific cuisine here in NZ either. Fish and chips is probably the closest thing to it 🙂

      • Okay, I gotcha, I can’t remember that. Yeah we have that. I guess I just never knew cafes weren’t as common place as I thought. I could live off of Mexican food, fish and chips are pretty good too but I don’t think there is a fish and chip place in my town unfortunately.

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