Blogtember – Share your favourite online shops


Wednesday, September 11: Share links to your favorite online shops, preferably with a few photos of your favorite items in each shop.


To be honest I don’t do much online shopping because living in NZ, we are pretty far away from everywhere else and a lot of sites don’t ship to NZ and those that do charge astronomically.

Probably like most kiwis, I do most of my online shopping on Trademe, which is NZ’s very own version of Ebay. Most of the time, I can find what I’m looking for here. It can get pretty addictive, my husband was an addict for years.

trade me

I recently found DIY Craft Supplies, they sell all things to do with hairclips, ribbons, embellishments. I can spend quite a bit of time on this site just looking at all those ribbons and possibilities.

I admit that since becoming a mum, a lot of my shopping has been centred on the girls. I love looking at things that the girls might love, I love the colours and ideas and endless possibilities. My husband gets a bit grumpy sometimes because our house can become quite cluttered if I don’t watch it. Who am I kidding… it is already very cluttered. I know I must learn to resist!

Here’s a NZ brand that a few years ago was just emerging but now as become quite a household brand. It makes toys and kits for children that are inspired by traditional toys and activities. I like their use of simple materials with lovely vivid colours.

Here’s another NZ site that sells a mish mash of things. I love this planter. They have several with different colours and designs. I’ve long wanted to put plants inside the house but so far haven’t because I was worried about May toppling the plant or eating the soil or pulling out the plant (she has done all these things before), so a hanging planter would be an ideal solution.

This is one of my obsessions, labels! More specifically labels for June’s school stuff. It’s useful of course but I’m not simply being practical. These labels lift up boring lunchboxes and make them one of a kind. They are like eye candy and I always have trouble picking out a design.

And last but certainly not least. I’m a bit of an Ikea addict. We don’t even have an Ikea in Auckland, which is probably part of the reason, maybe if we had one here it would lose some of it’s appeal. I look at their website every so often. I was especially often on it when I was expecting my June and planning the move into our new home. I get to visit Ikea whenever I visit my sister in Melbourne, which is not that often. A trip to Ikea is always a highlight of my trip to Melbourne. Is that a little sad? I don’t know, I’m too busy thinking about eating their meatballs and gravy with a glass of cranberry juice.



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