A New Skirt for May


Dearest Sultana,

I think I have told you previously that May is a very girly kind of girl. She loves princesses and fairies and pink and blue. Much of her wardrobe is in various shades of those colours. When I try to buy other colours, she outright refuses to wear them.

skirt for may

Her favourite thing to wear is a long skirt I made for her last year. This happened by accident. We passed by a shop in Ponsonby, it’s called “The Fairy Shop” and as you can imagine, its an absolute heaven for little girls like May. Beautiful fairy, princess and mermaid costumes line the shop, and all sorts of party supplies are available here. These costumes don’t come cheap though… infact I thought I could make something like that for a fraction of the price they were charging.

So that’s how I came to make this skirt:


It was just a practice run, I got the fabric from a scrap bin for a few dollars. After I made this I proceeded to make the princess/fairy skirt that she wore on her fourth birthday.

Actually the blue skirt has been re-done by my mother in law. The first version was a bit of a disaster if you looked a little closer at the seams and frill. Despite that, this quickly became May’s favourite skirt, it gets worn as soon as it comes back into her closet after a wash. She would wear this throughout autumn, winter, spring and summer. Seeing as how much she loved it, I made her another one, and then when my mother in law came she got another one. She still wears one of these skirts most days of the week.



They are a bit impractical though, they are pretty long and because May’s waist is so skinny, it keeps slipping down. And the length makes it a bit difficult to move about (although I think the length is what she loves the most about it).

So, with Spring here and Summer not far off, I thought it’s time to update this skirt, with something shorter. To compensate for the shortness, I will try and make it puffier.

I’ll update soon with my progress..

On another note, look what my little sister got me:


Tickets to Wicked!!! So excited. It’s still over a month away though, I don’t know how I’ll wait so long. I have so long wished to go and watch this and I didn’t think they would come to Auckland, but then they did, but I thought they only had night shows and June is still very attached to me at nights. So I very sadly thought it wouldn’t be possible to go.

But then my sister surprised me with this, a 2pm show on a Saturday. The two of us will have a day in town while the two girls spend some time with Grandma and Grandpa. Thank you so much B!


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  1. Wow, you have skillful hands! 😀
    Are you going to write a post about the Wicked show? Maybe you’ll tell us if it’s really good that it’s defying gravity? 😀

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