Day Trip to Devonport


Dearest Sultana,

May has been sick all weekend. It started with a mild fever on Friday which became quite high by Saturday and slowly improved on Sunday. This meant that we were home bound all weekend.

On Monday she was all better but I wanted to keep an eye on her so I kept her at home. Four days of being cooped up in the house with these two girls was beginning to wear on me though so I decided to make a trip to Devonport with the two.


I wanted to make a pencil case for May, as part of her Christmas present. It will house this packet of crayons.


I was thinking something with some princesses or fairies and I haven’t really got anything like that in my stash. (I just needed an excuse to visit the quilt shop).

Devonport isn’t really far from where I live, about 20 minutes away, but the place is so unique it feels like a different town altogether.

Tree lined drive to Devonport (one lane both ways all the way, gets really congested during peak traffic time)

Tree lined drive to Devonport (one lane both ways all the way, gets really congested during peak traffic time)

Devonport is actually one of the earlier European settlements in Auckland, it is right across Auckland city, about a 15 minute ride by ferry. It is famous for its sweet lacy wooden villas and it’s charming village shops.


Our first stop off course was the quilt shop, I’ll talk more about it in another post, but here is as picture of its frontage.


After that we went to have a little walk around the village shops. It really is lovely, with lots of potted plants livening up the place.


As a treat to the girls for behaving so beautifully all morning (and also as a treat to me) we went for a little tea break at this delightful cafe, I don’t remember seeing it before but I know they have been around for awhile because they used to buy sausages from the place I used to work for (I used to work for a very good small goods manufacturer, but that story is for another day). It’s called Corelli’s Cafe and I would definitely recommend it for it’s charming atmosphere, good selection of treats and personable service.

Corelli's Cafe

We had some cookies and fluffies (a hot chocolate with lots of milk foam) and I had my flat white. The place is filled with green plants and potted flowers, it really adds to its cosy atmosphere.

Next we went to visit the library. There is this big quilt displayed at its entrance. The quilt was made to celebrate Devonport’s centenary in 1986. It depicts scenes of life in Devonport.


The library is actually closing next month and will be relocated while the whole complex is being rebuilt. The library is quite small compared to other libraries in Auckland, so I’m sure this is a welcomed move by the locals.

Of course we couldn’t go to Devonport without having a good run around in their playground. The girls really did behave so well today and it was such a pleasurable afternoon.


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  1. Devonport was one of the loveliest places I went to in NZ…and funnily enough, met a friendly local couple, one of whom was a back up singer for Australian singer Jimmy Barnes for many years! Great photos.

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