Cushla’s Village Fabrics


Dearest Sultana,

Cushla’s Village Fabrics is probably my first conscious introduction to the world of quilts and patchwork.

Cushla's Devonport

Before I was first drawn to their shop (when it was still on Clarence St), I didn’t even know what a quilt was. Thinking back now, quilts are not really a part of Indonesian daily life because it’s so hot most of the time, however my crafty Grandma did make somethings akin to the traditional quilt. She made granny block blankets and yo-yo quilts. So in a way I was aware of them but not yet to the extent that I was inspired enough to reproduce them. Even today I probably have only completed 3 smallish quilts in total. I love to start them but then something else comes along and pulls me a different way.

I do prefer working on smaller projects, like bags or pencil cases or phone cases etc. It is enough to get me going all excited, without getting burned out before it’s completion. It’s also much easier on the pocket. Quilts are not cheap both in terms of money and time. However after I went to Cushla’s yesterday, I have to say I feel really inspired and will think hard into making a quilt for May, a single bed sized one, with girly hues of pink, purple and maybe green.

I think what drew me to quilting and patchwork was the possibility of combining colours and designs and making something beautiful that is also useful. And the process of it, although at times frustrating, is also exhilarating.

I recently read Laura Wolverton of Sew Frou Frou Quilter put it in another way, she wants to leave a legacy of quilts. What marvelous idea. I often find myself working on little projects and often they cannot withstand the test of time. Quilts can definitely withstand the test of time. At my mom’s house, she has a small yo-yo quilt made by my grandma. To this day we all think of that quilt with fondness and admiration. Her creations have created a link to her and to the time we spent with her.

A few years ago Cushla’s moved their store to Devonport’s main road, it’s an attactive old building and really creates a charming feel and makes it even harder to resist it’s huge selection of quilting fabrics. Well it’s huge by NZ standards, probably not by American standards.

z6DvwP6g_SBg5bTlWr6ujLFV-864NinGjaQu9tbERygnARywxgCUYd5TF8oat2q_hQ=w1008-h781 v6L-DO5Dk8wOz4VZiCcgW7CuMds974ofTSbFmo7s2-S2lWQEen06nGCZ0PdXlqWBRg=w1008-h781

I had a good long look around. The girls entertained themselves by reading the fabric books available in the children’s section. They were really behaving admirably. It really helps that May was with us, June adores her and copies everything she does.

lyIczPgSNY2l3OPaws420-aGBLIThhMHytKFdzG1a-JKPX-M3Mv6WSJsUf5l-IobJg=w1008-h781 dDONZgzzEwDYGETvHJv6sXKUjRdpNKEGQ39sZyPWqQoHiWlHLnqndm9-WD34sK4xKw=w1008-h781EAnv8_7SHPmwBVWINB5qiAytaO7-Osx2Xq5FapuC57qffQoh015iD6n3rz_DAXjuqg=w1823-h839

This really helped me have a good look around and in the end, with May’s approval, we selected this fat quarter for her pencil case (she doesn’t know yet that it’s for her, I only asked her for help in finding a nice piece).


I also got this green for my strawberries, I’ve been stuck on them because the greens in my stash just don’t seem to work. Hopefully this will move the Christmas handbag project forward. The vintage sewing supplies fabric is for another little project I’m working on.


And I couldn’t resist this collection of fat eighth bundle:


Cushla Village Fabrics

38 Victoria Road, Devonport.
Phone 09 445 9995

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