Dollhouse Ideas


Dearest Sultana,

Our next door neighbours have a girl a few years older than May and every so often, when they are clearing out their storage, they offer some old toys she has outgrown.

This time round, we got a dollhouse:

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At the moment May and June are not very excited about it. They like to play with bigger dolls, little baby sized dolls and soft toys. So I think at this point May doesn’t yet realise the possibilities this dollhouse brings.

I on the other hand can barely contain my excitement. I feel like I’m reliving a childhood dream! I have admired so many little dollhouses, I love the itty bitty little bits of furniture. I read children’s books where the illustrator creates “real” things and a whole new world for the little characters for the pleasure of looking at all the minis and their creativity in doing this.

I have thought about creating a dollhouse in the past, but May was too little then and I didn’t think she would appreciate it yet. When she got a little bit older, it was hard to play with little bits because June wouldn’t be able to participate because of the choking hazard.

June is still a little bit too little, we will have to keep this dollhouse in the spare room as we add to it.

So I’ve been scouring the internet looking for some not too difficult, practical ideas for furniture. I don’t want anything too fancy at this stage. I’d really like to upcycle packaging and things from around the house.

Here are some I think are definite contenders:

This sofa made by Jennifer of Let’s Build a House looks really nice, but it’s simply made from cardboard that’s covered with fabric.

Isn’t that cute? Jenn Savedge has some other great ideas for recycled packaging turned furniture on her web.

This one from amandamakesit is quite classy and seems really simple.

I will be visiting Erin from Lansdowne Life often. She made all the contents for her three year old daughter’s beautiful dollhouse, all from recycled material.

Another great idea, use scrapbooking paper as wallpaper, or like Erin, decoupage fabric onto the walls.

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