School Holiday Ideas


Dearest Sultana,

Today is the first day of school holidays for May. We have four school terms a year and after each term there is a two week holiday. At the end of the fourth term, the holiday is a month long for primary schools.


School holidays usually means some planning is required if I want to stay sane. Generally speaking, holidays are not too much of an ordeal, I even look forward to them (to a certain extent). However, when I don’t plan anything we often end up doing nothing and by afternoon time I have two cranky girls. So it’s good to plan some variety and get them a bit excited (and well exercised for a good nights sleep).

So this is my schedule so far:


  • A movie date

  • An indoor playground date

  • playdate at our house with tea time planned (and chat session with an old friend)

Trip to the Zoo – if we get a nice day (no wind or rain)

Spend the day with Grandma

Swimming Lessons – daily, school holidays are so great for getting in an intensive two week swimming programme and she really benefits from this. There is such a huge difference between doing weekly swims and an intensive two week course. Also it is about half the cost of regular weekly lessons. If you’re living on the North Shore, check out

Indoor Activities:

Dollhouse – furniture

Salt Dough tutorial – thinking of making some mini food, and plates and cups for the dollhouse. I found this salt dough tutorial recently on Brandon Yarchuck’s blog and think I’ll give it a go.


I love to bake cookies with the kids. It’s pretty easy and fail proof most of the time and we all enjoy the baking and the eating. We might make this for our afternoon tea playdate

The kids and I love anything cinnamon and this snickerdoodle recipe promises to be soft and aromatic.

Here are a few more kid friendly cookie recipes from the same site

Outdoor Activities:





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