Matakana Farmer’s Market


Matakana Market

Dearest Sultana,

Last Saturday, the girls and I went with my sister to Matakana. Matakana is a little town just past Warkworth, about an hours drive north of Auckland. It is known for it’s Saturday farmer’s market.

When we got there, we saw cherry blossoms everywhere, it was unbelievably pretty!

The market itself was packed with people. This market only happens every Saturday 8am – 1pm.

Matakana Market Food Stalls

And look what bargain I found:

Matakana Oysters

The oysters were so plump and fresh! I haven’t had oysters in years, it was such a good find.

It was nice eating by the river that flows just next to the market while listening to the live band.

matakana stream

After we had a good fill, we went to the crafts market, the selection here was not as big but it was nice having a browse around.

Matakana Vintage Shops

I found this great find though:

Mr Four Square Summer

Mr Four Square is an iconic NZ figure. He’s the logo for a chain of small supermarkets usually found in smaller towns all across NZ and he’s been around a long long time. This here is a tea towel. I’m planning to cut out some of the bits and applique it onto the bags I’m making for my sisters’ Christmas presents.

Look at the Matakana public toilets:

Matakana Toilets

We had a lovely day in Matakana, here’s are a picture from the ride home:

nz countryside 2


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