Circle Skirt with Elastic Band for Girls


full circle skirt for girls

Dearest Sultana,

A little while back I was talking about making a skirt for May to wear in summer. I was looking around online and it seems circle skirts are pretty popular and quite easy to make too.

It requires a little bit of maths to work out the waist and there are lots of resources online to use. I worked it out by hand but here’s one that works it out for you by spacefem.

At first I thought a half circle skirt would be sufficient and it was really quick and easy to make, here it is:

half circle skirt

This was not satisfactory to May though, not enough flare! Also the waist here would require a zipper but it would be much more practical with an elasticated waist band for the girls.

So back to the drawing board, some more measurements and then to the craft shop.

I added a few centimeters to the waist measurement of the pattern so that it can be elasticated. I also decided to make a skirt for June, which worked out pretty well in terms of the fabric.

I needed two times half a metre (2 x 0.5m of 90cm width fabric). Luckily they had a series of fabric in a similar style on special. These two skirts cost me $6 in total!

circle skirt pattern

I used the middle part of the left over fabric to make the waist and to cut the second part of the skirt on bias. I was planning to make this part frilly but there wasn’t enough fabric.

I then sewed the pieces of the skirt together, then the waist band on to it and then the second layer of the skirt (second layer not in picture)

sewn up circle skirts

Next sew up the open end of the skirt and sew through the waist band once, so that two narrow pieces of elastic can be inserted.

circle skirts just before elastic

Insert elastic and voila:

Circle Skirts with elastic band

I’m pretty happy with these skirts. Will definitely reproduce them in different colours. I can already envisage May wearing these as her new school “uniform”.

The girls wore their skirts to the zoo today. It was such a lovely day, it felt just like summer but without the unbearable heat. I’ll tell you more about our zoo trip next time!


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