Grandma’s Legacy of Quilts


grandma's quilt 1

Dearest Sultana,

A few days ago, when we were at my parent’s house I went through mum’s linen closet to look for the quilts I made when I was still living at home. I could only find one of my quilts but I found some other treasures.

The patchwork quilt pictured above was made by my maternal grandma. Actually it isn’t even quilted, it’s just two sides of patchwork sewn together to make a lightweight blanket.

My grandma passed away years ago, but during her lifetime her hands were always busy working on countless projects. She had a cousin who was a seamstress and she would often get the scrap bits of fabric leftover from her sewing jobs.

Here’s another one:

grandma quilt 2

Other than patchwork quilts, she also loved to crochet. Here are some of her works:

Grape patterned hot pad

Grape patterned hot pad

Crocheted Cushion Cover

Crocheted Cushion Cover

Grandma once taught me to crochet, the very basics. Unfortunately I never caught on. I really regret that. It is such a good skill to have, the possibilities are endless!

Here’s the quilt I made in early 2000. It was used to line our favourite sofa seat some time ago:

marlene quilt 2000

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