Auckland Zoo Trip


Auckland Zoo Entrance

Dearest Sultana,

I’ve promised the kids that we would go to the zoo when there is a nice windless day, and that day finally arrived.

They kids were so excited, their daddy took half the day of work to accompany us on the trip.

He was a real task master though, the last time we went to the zoo was with Oma and Opa and it was a nice leisurely whole day event. We started at 10 and finished at 4.30.

Today we whizzed through the zoo, we still managed to see everything but in just over 3 hours! My picture taking did suffer though, so these are the best pictures of the lot. Hope you enjoy them…

Auckland zoo kidzone

If you try really hard you could see some wallabies lazing in the background behind the emu. It was a hot day and most animals were sheltering in the shade.

Auckland zoo otago skink

My favourite part of the zoo was the NZ native exhibits, Te Wao Nui. This is a pretty new addition to the zoo, there are exhibits for the different NZ environments, Coast, Islands, Wetlands, Night, Forest and High Country. You can see the Kiwi, NZ lizards and birds, penguin and lots more. When we went into the High Country Exhibit, there was a Kea really up close to us, he is not shy at all, until I whipped out my camera… then he went hiding behind some rocks.

Here’s a picture of the Kea from Wiki:

Auckland Zoo Prideland

By the time we were almost done, all the animals in the Pridelands were enjoying their afternoon snack. So I got some good shots of them. Spot the baby giraffe!

It was nice going in Spring. Usually we visit the zoo right in the middle of summer when it’s so hot!

I’m looking forward to summer though! I think I’ve said it before but there’s nothing so glorious as a NZ summer.


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