Girls Circle Skirt with Elastic Band Tutorial


Girls Circle Skirt with elasticated waistband

Dearest Sultana,

Last Sunday, we went to Spotlight to get some polar fleece for a hoodie (for my husband’s fishing ‘attire’) and of course I couldn’t resist having a little peep into the quilting section.

I laid eyes on the lantern fabric that was on special and just loved the bold colours. May liked it too, so we decided to get it to make another skirt. When we got to the checkout, it was even more reduced! I ended up paying about $5 for the lantern fabric and it’s accompanying plain red cotton. Well now I knew I had to go back and get another few combinations and the above picture is a result of my little shopping spree. I could have gotten more but was a bit rushed… I spent just over $15 for my selection!

So since I’ve only made one skirt so far for May, and I knew that she would be wearing those to school EVERYDAY, I decided to make some more skirts for her.

After making them I thought I would do my first ever tutorial! These skirts are really easy and quick to make (if you don’t get interrupted constantly and have a cooperative sewing machine). So here it goes:

Girls Circle Skirt with Elasticated Band Tutorial

First of all you will need to make your pattern. You can use this link by spacefem to get those measurements.

pattern for elasticated waistband skirt

After you’ve cut out your pattern, get your fabric ready:

elasticated waistband skirt cutting out the fabric

Once you’ve cut out your fabric pieces you can sew them right sides together.

sew circle skirt

Next you will need a waistband and the frilly bit for the bottom of the skirt.

To get the length, you will need to calculate the circumference:

Circumference = Pi (3.14) x diameter (2x radius)

Your two radii would be distance A for the waistband and distance B for the frilly bit. For the frilly bit, I multiplied the circumference by 2, to get the frilliness, you may increase this to make it frillier or decrease it (but I wouldn’t decrease it by much or it will become too “unfrilly”)

I made the width of my waistband about 8 cm, but you can make it bigger or smaller depending on your elastic band, (I used 2 bands of narrow elastic about 0.5cm width).

My frilly bit was about 7 cm in width but again, you can make this bigger or smaller.

So then just attach everything to the various bits.


Just sew on the waistband, right sides together.

Frilly bottom bit

First hem the lower side of the frill (I used a narrow hemming foot), then ruffle it up. (here’s an easy tutorial for ruffling)

frill for skirt

It should look like this

Next attach the ruffled frilly bit to the skirt. This may get a little tricky, just find the middle bit of the frilly fabric and pin it to the middle bit of the skirt and as you sew, aim for each half of the fabric to cover half of the skirt.

When you’re done with this, sew the skirt together from top to bottom, then on the waistband end, sew a little box like in the next picture (please forgive the quality, this was my first try and the only time I thought of taking a picture). This is for the insertion of the elastic band.

waistband box

Next fold up the waistband making sure that you have enough space for your elastic band. Fold in the rough edge of the waistband and sew this up.

skirt waistband close up

Using an unpicker and pins to protect the top and bottom ends of the box, cut the seam in the middle of the box. Insert elastic band (I use a safety pin).

That’s it!

I’m sorry if I haven’t been very clear, please ask questions if you have any. If anybody does attempt these skirts, please send me links to the photos 🙂

Circle skirts with elasticated waistband tutorial

girls circle skirt with elasticated waist


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