Craft Update, Rice Trick and Potty Training Success


Dearest Sultana,

May has gone back to school today, so regular blogging can continue. I’ve managed to do quite a bit of sewing last week, after the kids have gone to bed. And then my sewing machine decided that it had enough and refused to work. So nothing got done for about a week, and then my husband had a look at it (and actually I fixed it after he opened it up) and now it’s working again and we’re back in business. Here are some things I’ve been working on:


More Skirts for May

Crayon Case for May

Crayon Case for May

Sofa for the Dollhouse

Sofa for the Dollhouse


Mini Quilt for Dollhouse Bed

I’ll go into more detail on some of those in another post.

Earlier last week, my husband went on a kayak fishing trip and his line caught a very big fish. In fact it was so big that he tipped. (I don’t understand the explanation exactly, he assures me that he can still catch very big fish with his kayak, he just needs to change some of his technique). Due to the tipping, he became wet from head to toe (obviously) but fortunately somebody was around and gave him a hand and he didn’t lose anything because everything was attached to his kayak. However, his cellphone did get a little bit of a dip too. It was quite brief, it was the first thing he though of rescuing, unfortunately it did get some water on it and it’s not working.

When he came home and told me about this, I was reminded of a blog post that said that when a similar situation happened to this blogger, she put her phone with all parts removed into some uncooked rice, left it for 24 hours and voila, it was back to normal! So I tried it and it worked for us too! See all that time spent reading blogs pays off!

I was so sure I would remember where I read this, but after reading through the archives of a lot of blogs, I still can’t seem to find it. I’m so sorry…

We were a bit worried that it may not work so well because it was salt water and maybe there will be some salt residue left behind after the water has been absorbed by the rice, but it’s been working for a week now… so fingers crossed.

Infact it worked so well, we put my old phone (that I dropped into the kids’ bath) into the rice as well, and guess what… after months of sitting in the drawer in it’s water damaged state (the screen was not working anymore, I don’t know what other damage there may have been) it worked again! It really did, completely as before. I wish I’d known of this trick a few months ago, but so glad I know it now.

On other matters, I started potty training June about three weeks ago, and even though she was pretty enthusiastic, she just seemed to miss getting there in time about 75% of the time. She would tell me that she needs to go, but by the time we get her nappies off, she would have already gone.

About three days ago though, something must have clicked for her because suddenly our success rate has increased to about 75%! By today it’s 95%! My clever baby! I am so proud of her.


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  1. Well done on the potty training! Our youngest is nearly 22 months now and understands what the potty is for so we’re gearing up for it soon too. Somehow I have a feeling she won’t be so easy to teach as our eldest, who got it within a fortnight and was dry at night two months later!

    Oh, and I did know about the rice trick but you didn’t get it from me!

    • All the best with the potty training.. it really is pretty tricky isn’t it… but one day they just click and it’s all go. My second was (is.. .still in training) actually easier than the first, I think because she likes to copy everything her older sister does.

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