Happy Day Trip to Wynyard Quarter, Auckland


The View from Wynyard Quarter

Dearest Sultana,

About a year ago we first started going to Silo Park in Wynyard Quarter.

Auckland’s newest waterfront area, Wynyard Quarter reflects Auckland’s gritty maritime heritage in a new, revitalised public environment.
Whether it’s Friday night-open air cinema in the summer or a promenade along the sparkling Waitemata Harbour with an ice cream, Wynyard Quarter is Auckland’s newest urban community.


The park is called Silo Park because historically this is where a lot of silos were located.

The Silos present at Silo Park were giant containers used for holding cement. Golden Bay Cement occupied what is now known as “Silo Six” (the six closely grouped smaller Silos) while Silo Seven was just one of the Silos that made up the tank farm that is responsible for holding substantial amounts of the cement that built our fair city.


Silos in Silo Park

Poetic Silo

The kids favourite part here is not the playground, even though it is a great and unique playground. They’re favourite part is the “Alligator”. This is actually the viewing structure with an elevator at one end (mistakenly thought of as the Alligator by May). From here you can get a nice few of the ocean and the surrounding areas. It’s really lovely to go up here in summer and catch the breeze.

Silo Park Viewing Platform

Only when they’re done touring their alligator, will the girls go to the playground to play.

Silo Park Playground

During the weekends and school holidays there usually is a free workshop for the kids. In their most recent workshop, the kids made kites which was very handy in the current Auckland weather.

This is a really lovely spot for the whole family. In summer there are usually also food stalls and craft stalls and even a free open air cinema. Check out their website for dates.

silo park cinema-01

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