Dollhouse Furniture so far and Paper Pieced Quilting


dollhouse residents

Dearest Sultana,

Over the holidays we have been working a little bit on the dollhouse. So far, I’ve wallpapered most of the inside and the roof has gotten two layers of green paint.

We also made a sofa! I followed the instructions by Jennifer of Let’s Build a House … pretty closely and it was fairly easy to do, but I think scale wise, I made it a bit too small especially compared to the bed.

Dollhouse Sofa

I just used some thick corrugated card board (from an old pizza box) to make the various inside bits (you can find the template on Jennifer’s link), then covered it with some thin quilt batting and then covered it all up with fabric. The effect is really pretty nice, it really does look like a mini sofa. But it is a little on the flimsy side. If I were to do this again, I might use more glue (I used my mum’s very old hot glue gun and it’s a little iffy). (The quality of the photos is also a little iffy, they were taken by May who is spending a lot of time practicing her photo taking skills and has improved so much since these were taken about two weeks ago).

Next we worked on a bed:

Easy Dollhouse Bed

First thing I made was the pillow which has unfortunately been misplaced when the “completed” picture was taken.

This was pretty easy too. I used a lolly box (which on hindsight might have been just a bit too big), put two layers of thin quilt batting on the top and covered it up with plain fabric. Glued on all sides with hot glue. The bottom bit I covered with wrapping paper to hide the writing on the box. Later on the sides will also be covered with some tongue depressers (see picture below)  I got some tongue depressers and cut them to size and painted them white and stuck them on. I even made a little quilt for it!

dollhouse bed no quilt

The other thing I’ve been working on is Paper Pieced Quilting. I never even thought twice about Paper Piecing, I thought it was the same as English Paper Piecing which I have tried before and was not really my cup of tea. Then I came across Cath Hall from Wombat Quilts and I was amazed at her quilts and their precision and level of complexity. I thought how is that even possible! And then I realised that she used paper piecing and knew I had to try it too.

So, I looked around for something simple but fun and found this template from Ellison Lane.

heart of home template

Here’s what I got:

IMG_5509 IMG_5523

I think it’s not too bad for a first attempt but in future I must remember to cut my fabric more generously and put more thought into my colour choices.

Cath Hall recently posted about tips and tricks for paper pieced quilting, I found it very informative and will be referring to it often because I think paper piecing is definitely my cup of tea.

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  1. Your dollhouse stuff is so cute! As for colour combinations, eesh, I try so hard and yet fail so often. I spent an extra 20 minutes in Spotlight today umming and ahing over colour combos and I just got all the same shade of green, just in case!

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