Wicked in Auckland

Dearest Sultana,

So the day has finally arrived! Wicked is here! I dropped off the girls at grandma’s and picked up my sis and we drove into the city.

First stop lunch, which was super filling but we still managed to stop by The Shelf for some coffee. It’s a pretty neat concept, I loved that I could control the sweetness of my iced coffee. Usually iced coffee is too milky for me and I need the sugar to mask the milkiness but in this case the coffee was good and strong and even the ice cubes were made of coffee so the coffee didn’t taste diluted at all and I didn’t need the sugar syrup. (Picture is of my sister’s mocha)

Mocha at the Shelf

After this we walked on towards the Civic Theatre where Wicked was playing.

My thoughts on Wicked the NZ production, I absolutely loved it! Which is not surprising since so far I have not meet a person who didn’t like it yet. The performers did a grand job, especially the two witches, they really brought out the personality of their witch, their singing was amazing and very well enunciated, it was really easy to follow the story.

I loved the story, the twists and turns and was glad at how it all turned out. I’m going to write a tiny bit about it in the next paragraph, so spoiler alert, please do not read the next paragraph if you do not want to read a spoiler.

Spoiler: I really liked that part where Glinda is giving a speech ‘Evita’ style, in front of the standing mic with her arms raised, while giving an impassioned speech that is all about public perception. It really tied in the whole PR idea and how the public loves to love a good performer. Back in the day, when I was still a teenager (in the late 90s) I was a huge fan of Evita the musical. I knew all words to the songs and would fall asleep listening to the soundtrack on CD. I don’t know why I was so crazy about it then but for about a year it was a huge part of my life. It was quite nostalgic to see ‘Evita’ here. End spoiler

The leading cast was mostly made up of Australians with a few NZers and they were so professional and really awesome in their roles. It was truly memorable and I’m so glad I could watch it. It was my first time watching anything at the Civic and the place really adds to the ambiance of the whole experience. We sat in the circle level and had a great view from up there. The seating was really quite steep so even little short me could watch without any obstruction. I had a thoroughly enjoyable day, thank you so much little sis for today!

Wicked at the Civic at night in all it's green glory


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