Strawberry Picking


Strawberry Farm

Dearest Sultana,

My husband has a customer who is also a friend who owns a strawberry farm. Come strawberry season we would be welcomed down to his farm and given baskets to pick strawberries to our hearts content absolutely free. This would be our third year picking strawberries from his farm and it’s a big highlight for the girls.

The taste of that first strawberry straight off the plant is beyond words, it just tastes so purely strawberry, so sweet and perfect.

May is getting really good at selecting the fruits at their prime, somehow June prefers to pick the unripe white ones, even after telling her umpteen times that it’s the red ones that are delicious.

When we got home we shared some with the grandparents and next door neighbour and then filled a big bowl with strawberries, gave it a good wash and sat on the deck enjoying the sunshine, the sweet goodness of the strawberries and our beautiful girls with their strawberry streaked faces.

Strawberries are only good for a very short time. Usually on the day they are picked while they are still at their prime, I would pick the least perfect ones, give them a good rinse and cut off the leaves and any imperfections, quarter then and freeze in a single layer. We usually make strawberry smoothie or ice cream with these.

This time though I wanted to recreate the strawberry tiramisu that my dad’s wife made for us last Christmas. She said this is popular for children because there is no alcoholic or raw egg component.

Strawberry Tiramisu

Strawberry Tiramisu

300g Strawberry puree

200g Mascarpone

300 mL Cream

50g Caster sugar

Half a packet Lady fingers

Puree the strawberries and put through a sieve.

Mix caster sugar with cream and then add mascarpone to it.

Put lady fingers into serving dish, spoon strawberry puree over it and top with mascarpone mixture.

This seemed like such a simple recipe and yet after two attempts I still haven’t really gotten it right.

The first time I made it, I whipped the cream and made the whole mascarpone mixture too stiff, so it couldn’t slide down over the lady fingers. The second time I didn’t put enough cream and the mascarpone mixture was again too thick and wouldn’t slide down. (I had run out of cream). Also the lady finger biscuit didn’t seem to absorb the strawberry puree very well.

Next time I would increase the cream and make sure I get a reasonably runny consistency, also maybe I should try a different brand of lady finger sponge biscuits.

Has anybody tried a similar recipe with more success?


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  1. I had some strawberries a little while ago but haven’t had any more since. I can’t wait until they are cheap and in full swing. Going strawberry picking is actually on my foodie bucket list. One of the things I hope to cross of this year.

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