Auckland Festival of Quilts


Dearest Sultana,

I was very lucky because I almost missed the Annual Festival of Quilts run by the Auckland Quilt Guild. I passed by the signs to the event on my way to Albany Westfield which is not far from my mom’s house a day before the event.

So I made a plan with mom and dropped of June and made my way to North Harbour Stadium. So glad Mom could take June because my experience would have been quite different with June in tow. Quilt exhibitions are not exactly fun events for two year olds.

Our premier event is the Auckland Festival of Quilts (formerly Calico Christmas™), the annual quilt show of the AQG. This is our opportunity to share our work with the public at large.

I was just blown over by the number of quilts on display, there were hundreds of them and they were such a feast to the eyes!

Here are some of my favourites:

Auckland Festival of Quilts 1

I loved these with a Maori theme:

Maori Quilts Auckland Festival of Quilts

Oh and this was a delight:

Kids Quilt Auckland Festival of Quilts

The quilt show was sponsored by the many quilt shops of New Zealand and besides the quilts on display there were over 40 little stalls of these shops.

I have to admit that this kind of shopping is both very exciting and hard for me. It is hard to restrain myself from all the goodness on display but I think I did pretty well.

I got this lovely panel which I plan to make as part of a quilt for May:

Sisters Quilt Panel

I have long been looking for an idea for a quilt for her and I think this one is just so perfect. It is of two sisters sharing the best of memories (or best friends but I’m interpreting it as best friends who are sisters).

I have told myself that I can only start this quilt next year as I still have many things to sew before Christmas, it is hard not to start a new project! I have already been procrastinating with the dresses I have been making for the girls.

The Auckland Festival of Quilts is being held at North Harbour stadium until tomorrow. If you’re in Auckland and into quilting, and haven’t been there, it’s really worth going to!

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  1. Wow those quilts are fabulous – I did some (very basic) quilting years ago – a tea-cosy and a couple of cushion covers. Seeing these has made me think that I should take it up again and try to improve. There are some wonderful fabrics here in China.

  2. A Quilt Festival! How cool is that!
    I’ve been to a Batik exhibition, which was sooo inspiring, but I guess this one has more “fun factors”. 🙂

  3. The colours & skill are incredible. My blogging partner, Sophie, is a wonderful quilter. I’ll tell her to have a look!

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