Dressmaking Frenzy


T shirt dress

Dearest Sultana,

Lately I’ve been in a frenzy of dressmaking. It all started with the success of my skirts for May. They have become a hit with both girls and have really boosted my confidence. Added to that there was a 40% sale on some delightful dress fabrics at Spotlight.

The T-shirt dress pictured above was very easy and quick to make. I made one for each girl in a day and they’ve been well received.

After I finished those I looked around Pinterest for some inspiration and found this crossover dress by Jen from My Own Road.

I followed it roughly and got this:

Crossover girls dress

I am working on my last dress, the fabrics are:

bird fabric

It will most likely be a V-shaped bodice with a longer skirt. May loves long skirts and I thought the vertical lines in the fabric will look nice in a long skirt.

After I’m done with this one I will hunker down and finish up my Christmas presents. I really have to be disciplined now, it’s already November!

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