Christmas Crafting


Pot holder, house pouch

Dearest Sultana,

I have been very busy getting back on track with my Christmas crafts.

I only discovered pinterest a few months ago but as Christmas approaches it has taken over my life a little. It’s like unending stream of eye candy

that can be had at anytime, I don’t know if I should be glad or sad that it has only entered my life very recently.

There is so much I want to try and make but only so much time in the day (and I guess I have the kids and the husband and the house to pay some attention to as well).

Here are some ideas I have been working on recently:

Heavily inspired by Retro Mama’s house ornaments:

Retro Mama Houses

I made these:

Christmas House PouchesThey are not nearly as pretty as hers, but I wanted to make something Christmassy (and use up my Christmas scraps) and give them out to teachers and some friends. They are just so wee, I think that’s their biggest draw. I am going to make some pretty ones next, they really are lots of fun to make and for the most part quite easy too. I decided to make them into pouches though (to fill up with some sweet treats) and that is what took up most of my time, the opening gets quite fiddly to sew because they are so tiny.

Next, I have been staring at these Liberty Flowers by Paula of Mud Pies and Pins who Guest posted this tutorial on Very Berry Handmade for some time. I knew I wanted to make them but hadn’t thought of a good reason until now.Liberty Flower

I thought this was brilliant on so many levels, it’s beautiful, functional, easy to make and uses up scraps!

Here’s my take:

Pot Holder Flower

I ended up using different scraps, I made these into pot holders and am planning to make a few small ones as coasters and give them to a dear friend for Christmas.

Here’s another thing I made, it’s for the son of my best friend (the original Sultana), if she’d had girls I would have made them dresses but boys, I always find it so hard to buy or make presents for boys. Maybe because I’m spoilt for choice with my girls and it takes a little bit more thought to come up with something good for a boy. In the end I decided to make him this bag. It’s really pretty simple (or should have been, I had a lot of trouble with the chunky zipper, it was just so stiff and heavy). It’s main feature is the Dr Seuss fabric I got from the Auckland Festival of Quilt. I incorporated some paper piecing, for practice and to get the letter T for his name. I hope he will like it.

Little Boys Bag

What have you been busy Crafting?


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