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gift tags

Dearest Sultana,

One of my favourite things about gifting, is the gift wrapping of course. And I have been spoilt for choice

on Pinterest. I really need to spend less time there!

Here are two ideas I found that I’ve been working on:

I got this idea, while tidying up cardboard packaging for recycling that some of the packaging have such pretty patterns and pictures and it’s such a pity to just throw it out. I had some lovely designs on a box of tissue paper and there was quite a bit of it. Perfect for the backing of some gift tags!

I have been collecting labels on Pinterest but when it came time to go to the websites, a lot of them no longer exist! Have you noticed this? It’s a little bit disheartening when I’ve had my heart set on a design…Fortunately some do really exist, like this one from Blog World Label, I think this was meant to be printed on sticker paper, but it came just fine on regular paper too. I only have a black and white laser printer so I coloured in some of the labels. I think it only adds to it’s charm. The little birds were cut out from another boxed packaging. The thickness of these boxes really help create a sturdy gift tag.

recycled gift tag

There were many many lovely ideas on using clay as ornaments. It seemed easy enough and a great crafty idea to do with May (while June is napping). It took us about 4 separate occasions to reach the finished stage because of the drying time involved.

Clay Christmas Ornaments


Air dry clay

Rolling pin

Cookie cutter

Small straw

Tooth pick

Rubber stamps

Plastic knife

Scrap pieces of fabric


Gold or silver paint


Permanent marker

Step 1

Shape clay into desired shapes, use cookie cutter and tooth pick and other materials to decorate the shapes. I found that the clay was very sticky and pretty impossible to lift from the plastic I used to line my work table. I had some remnant bits of fabric nearby and used it under and on top of the clay and I rolled over the fabric which had the added bonus of giving it a nice even texture. Later on I put some lace on bottom of clay and that gave the clay a nice lacy texture. Don’t forget to make a hole for the ribbon to go through. Dry according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 2

Paint the dried out clay anyway you desire. I just did a silver coat on both sides but if I had more colours I’d definitely play around more with this.

Step 3

Use permanent markers to draw pictures, write greetings etc. I got May to write her teacher’s name on the labels, to go with their house pouches.


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