Christmas & New Year’s Recap… two months late


Dearest Sultana,

I’m sorry I’ve been gone so long, it’s been about 4 months!!! and I have thought of this blog often during that time and yet couldn’t muster the energy, inspiration, courage to come back to my blog. But a few nights ago I put today into my diary as the day I would return, even if it’s just for a quick “hello, I’m still here!”

What have I been doing? Well there was Christmas, the kids went to visit Santa at his Bach (that’s a kiwi holiday home by the beach) and Santa was in his shorts and t-shirt, it was lots of fun for the kids, we put up the tree, opened presents and spend time with Grandma, Grandpa and the girls’ two aunts.


And then we all went to Kerikeri to spend New Years there. We stayed in this lovely place called Puriri Park, it has it’s own resident Peking Duck, a swimming pool, bush behind the property and a kiwi plantation (although we weren’t allowed in there because of the PSA problem). It really was a lovely place, there were two little bachs, the smaller one for us, and the bigger one was occupied by my parents and sisters.


My husband spent his days taking out my sisters fishing while the rest of us explored the little town.

Everynight we had barbequed fish for dinner, and fresh fruits for dessert.


We also visited Paihia and Opito Bay, such beautiful beaches…




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