My Sewing Cabinet


Dearest Sultana,

Months back, I came across this book, “Weekend Sewing”  by Heather Ross


It’s a really lovely books, with interesting projects, it finally convinced me to try shirring, and I’ve made two shirred dresses for my girls so far. But what really inspired me in this book is her idea of turning a tv cabinet into a sewing workstation/cabinet.

heather ross sewing cabinet

I have been struggling with my sewing space. I usually sew in the dining room, which is also sort of the family room. I like it because I like to spread my work on the dining table, and there’s a TV that I like to have on while I sew after the kids are asleep. However I have a two year old, so it’s important that I put away all my sewing stuff before I head off to bed and this gets to be quite a chore repeated on a daily basis. Also, my stuff is all over my dining room, boxes and bags of projects I’m working on, leftover fabric, patterns, threads, it’s all a jumble and I never can find what I need. So this computer cabinet turned sewing cabinet idea was very appealing to me. Now all I needed to do was convince my husband that it’s a good idea.

Here’s probably a good place to admit that I am a messy person, as in my house is in a constant state of disarray so much so that I am too embarassed to have anybody over. That I abhor tidying and even the thought of it terrifies me. That as far as I can recall I have always been like this, at least since I was 12 and that I am the only one in my family like this (my parents and sisters are all neat freaks). I am usually quite defensive about my messiness but I have to admit that when things are relatively tidy, it does give me a feeling of satisfaction and relief, the only thing is, things get untidy very quickly and I feel like all my efforts (and it really is a huge effort to me) are in vain.

I have tried being tidy before, doing a huge clean up, reorganising, getting organising books out from the library etc, but it never lasts. I get all excited about it but then get overwhelmed by my “stuff” and give up.

Anyway, this is why my husband was quite reluctant to agree to getting this cabinet. The cabinet would be second hand and not expensive but he fears it will become another big piece of junk and there would be even more clutter. It was really annoying! But I could see where he was coming from.

So over the next few months I brought it up at opportune moments and finally, just before my birthday, right after he bought himself a $400 fishing rod, I struck gold! He finally agreed!

I started to scour through op shops and trademe, in search of the perfect computer/tv cabinet to transform into my perfect sewing cabinet. There were a few computer cabinets that would have been perfect for it on trademe, unfortunately they were all out of Auckland and too difficult to transport here. I think I kept looking on trade me for about three weeks and finally this beauty came up:

computer cabinet

Of course I got it, it was right in our price bracket, pick up was from Auckland and it’s solid rimu and very  heavy. I was thinking of painting it but when I saw it I knew I had to leave it as is, the rimu was just too good to paint over. It sits nicely with our bamboo flooring.

It’s 1.7m tall, I’m 1.5m, so it really is a nice height for me, no need to tippy toe to get to the high shelves (which is rare, everything seems to be built for tall people!).

I’ll let you know what I’ve been up to with this beauty over the next few weeks. I’ll also write about how this led me to start work on getting my house decluttered and organised and how I’ve managed to sustain this (fingers crossed, 4 weeks so far! 3 weeks longer than I’ve ever managed before).


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  1. What a gorgeous piece of furniture. Perfect for a sewing cabinet. I can relate to being a messy person. I have to be really hard on myself to put things back where they came from. I love it when the house is tidy but it is hard to keep it that way when you have a hubby and kids. Good luck on your endeavours.

    • Thanks for your kind words ☺. Hubby and my eldest daughter have been very cooperative but I think I’ll have to wait a wee bit longer for my 2 year old to tow the line 😀

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