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My Sewing Cabinet in Progress


Dearest Sultana,

We celebrated my husband’s birthday last week. In his family, whenever there is a birthday, red eggs will be prepared. These are simply hen eggs that have their shells dyed. My mother in law tells me that when we eat these eggs we wish the birthday person health, happiness and a long life, it also means that we love them. Unfortunately I forgot to do this in the morning! If I made them for the afternoon, everybody would be too full from the eggs to enjoy their dinner, so in the end I got some small chocolate eggs in foil. Believe it or not they were even more popular than the regular hen eggs.

Red Birthday Eggs

I have been working on my Sewing Cabinet for a little bit. It isn’t quite done yet but here are a few pictures Read the rest of this entry

My Decluttering Story


Dearest Sultana,

While I had to wait for my perfect computer/tv cabinet to become available on trademe, I was preoccupied with all the possibilities. I looked daily on pinterest for inspiration, surprisingly, there were not that many pins on computer/tv cabinets turned into sewing cabinets. So I started looking at books from the library catalogue to order some and frankly there were even less, but I got some books ordered anyway, hoping to get ideas on storage solutions and just general inspiration. I also got a few books on organising, thinking that they would help me start off on the right foot with my cabinet.


One of these books is “The 8-Minute Organizer” by Regina Leeds. While waiting for May’s ballet lesson to finish, and I started to browse through it and then, liking what I was reading, began to read in earnest. She had a nice way of writing, very unintimidating and empowering.

My biggest downfall when trying to organise my home is that I always think that I have to get everything out on the floor so that I know where to put everything, but by the time I have everything out, Read the rest of this entry