Finished Samantha Hunt’s Mr Splitfoot last week. #dayrebookclub. It was good and very readable. Not sure what genre exactly it is.

It’s told from two point of views. One happens about 12 years after the other. Strong themes of motherhood and what it means to be a mother. The mothers in the story are not exactly mother of the year material but over the course of the book I think what emerges is that some moms might be doing a very bad job at being mothers but it’s mainly because they are so

messed up themselves. But they do desire to do right by their child.

Actually this kind of ties in with a movie we watched on Netflix. The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete.

Which also tells the story of kids being let down by their mothers. Only as the story emerges, one mother, even though she was doing a very bad job of being a mother, was aware of it and wanted to do better. While another was perhaps psychotic or at the very least just too ruined by drugs.

A week ago


So now I’m two weeks into my excema treatment and feeling great! Haven’t felt so good in 13 years.

I have stopped taking the antihistamines and most of the excema on my arms and upper body are gone. There’s still some on my legs but it’s improving dramatically.

My hands that used to be completely red and inflamed and hurt every time I touch water are beginning to regain normal skin.

My daughter is also doing very well although not at the same speed as me. She used to have a problem with warts

Diagnosed by a dermatologist as molluscm contagiosa. He didn’t have any medication for her and said best treatment would be liquid nitrogen but that might be too traumatic for her because it was quite extensive.

We tried all sorts of over the counter medication and even resorted to cutting the upper dead skin of the warts but nothing seems to work and they spread because of the scratching that came with her excema. It was difficult for all of us.

As soon as her excema started clearing up her warts were beginning to shrink. Some are already gone and it’s been just two weeks.

All he’s asked us to put on is this first aid cream Chrystaderm.

I was so surprised that it worked.
I think it worked in conjunction with her immune system.

Because I tried it on my youngest and the wart has remained unchanged. My youngest only has one but very stubborn wart.

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