Excema 2.6.2016


Currently reading Mr Splitfoot by Samantha Hunt.

Still early days but so far very engaging. Have gotten some very strong recommendations for it.

Documenting the state of my excema ridden hand.

I have suffered from excema for the last 12+ years and have given up on finding a cure.

The focus has been on maintenance, ie, stop the itch from getting infected, keeping it on a simmer. This has been done primarily with some high strength steroid creams and lots and lots of very greasy moisturizer.

Last Saturday I met a fellow excema sufferer who seems to have been “cured”!

She told me she met a new doctor and thanks to his course of treatment, she is now drug and steroid cream free. Relying only on an over the counter moisturizer.

I was really sceptical… I have seen several dermatologists, allergy specialists, Chinese doctors and naturopaths and nobody could help me before. But I knew my friend had also tried everything before and it worked for her.

So on Monday I went with my daughter (suffering from excema since infancy) and went to see him.

He gave us some steroid creams, antihistamines and regular moisturizer with instructions and told us to come back in a week. He assured us that by the time we come back our excema would have cleared up.

Also gave us a long list of food to avoid for the next six months 😵. But I am very willing to forgo some food if it means normal skin.

It’s hard to believe but even within the first night there was already a marked reduction in the itchiness.

My skin is already looking so much less inflamed. I can sleep undisturbed through the night.

That picture of my hand is 3 days into the treatment and it’s a pity I didn’t take a before picture. There’s already a huge improvement.

I think I will try to update with a picture once a week.

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