Mentrual Cup 27.6.2016


Oh was reading today’s ep and excited to read about her menstrual cup experience.

She and a few others have written about their experiences and I noticed that they are relatively new to the cup. I thought I’d add my experience as someone who has been using the cup for a few years.


So I got my cup, a meluna, about 6 years ago, then after using it for one cycle, got pregnant with my second baby and didn’t use it again till a year later. Now my baby is 5, so it’s close to 5 years I’ve been using the cup.

Before using the cup, I was mostly on pads, very occasionally I used tampons.

It took a few cycles to get the hang of it, insertion and removal can be quite tricky and even painful when the vagina is not well lubricated.

It is easiest to use the cup when flow is steady… So on lighter days I sometimes just use a liner (homemade and reusable 😊).

My period is usually 8 days long, starts off with light flow, then non existent, then very heavy for two days, then light again.

On the very heavy days I definitely need my liner as back up.

I’ve only had the one meluna cup with ring. Its quite a stiff cup and I think it’s a medium. I think size wise I could go with something a little larger for those heavy days but haven’t bothered getting a new one because most of the time it is adequate for my needs. Also there are so many to choose from, I get rather overwhelmed.

I change about 3 times/day during the heavy days.

 Thoughts on the cup

The cup has changed my life. How?

1. No smell and no blood. Yes, changing the cup can be messy and definitely takes some practice, but once the cup is on, its like a regular day down there. To me this was revolutionary, especially since I have such long periods.

2. I have become much more in tune with my cycle and my anatomy in that region. It is empowering.

3. Not only am I not spending money buying disposables, I don’t have to dispose of pads. I hate disposing of pads. It feels like it’s something shameful, when it really shouldn’t be, its just something natural really, yet it has to be done secretly and securely. Now it just gets flushed down.

4. Plus yay for the environment!

5. Also, obviously the savings on all those pads/tampons.

Ok, I will be honest here, some days , especially on very light days, I feel like I can’t be bothered.

Insertion, is still a hassle, even though I’ve been doing this for years.

The mess when the cup needs to be emptied, still not fun, even on light days.

But then, I am the boss of me, its my choice when I choose to use and some days I just put on my homemade liner. I definitely still choose the cup on the heavy days.

A word of caution to new users. Do not practice on a dry run, ie try the cup when it’s not your period. I tried that and it almost put me off the whole thing. Even on a light day insertion can be painful and the cup may not open easily. Use a lubricant if this is a problem for you.

It does take time to master insertion (I still have trouble some days). Removal is comparatively much easier. Don’t give up, try different folds (my favourite is the punch but I change it up sometimes).

Don’t worry about the cup falling out while pooing. It may feel like it sometimes but the muscles down there really do hold the cup well.

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