My latest TV shows 14.9.2017


I have been quite surprised recently to find some tv shows I quite enjoyed. I feel like it’s been a while since I found something I really enjoyed, that I would really pay attention to when watching ( not playing games on my phone while watching)

Here are some shows I watched that I couldn’t really get into.

Fargo season 3.
I thought I would really enjoy this especially since I loved the 2nd season. Kirsten Dunst was so so funny in it. And I usually like Ewen Macgregor’s stuff.

But I just couldn’t get into it, so I gave up after episode 5.

Good Behavior
3 episodes in and I gave up.

Watched the whole season and quite enjoyed it, but I feel like I should have enjoyed it so much more? Such a great premise, love that there’s mystery, lots of thought provoking stuff to ponder and the set was also enjoyable to watch. Somehow it all felt a little bit underwhelming.

Also quite enjoyed this. Watched the whole season. I loved the feel of this series.

And the handwriting haha… Plot wise it was ok… Entertaining but not thought provoking.

The Defenders
Just started watching this and already losing interest. I think of all these netflix marvel ones, the only one I really enjoyed was Jessica Jones.

Omg, I keep watching, expecting it all to make sense but it just got worse and worse. Not one character to root for, least of all Naomi Watts’. Why did she agree to be in it?

Little Big Lies
I started watching this with very little expectation, partly because of my bad gypsy experience. I thought with all these big movie stars, they are not going to try hard. The stars are the draw, not the plot.
But I got hooked onto it from episode one and when I wasn’t watching, I was thinking about it.
I feel like even without that dramatic ending, it would have been a good show. I loved watching the whole mummy culture. I could relate to some off that.

The husband-wife, mother-daughter, step family dynamics… I really enjoyed all that. Then the Nicole Kidman character and all that entailed, definitely makes you think of that kind of relationship in a new light. It’s not all black and white. Its all actually very difficult.

Just started watching this last night. I don’t usually like watching shows with teenagers/young adults. Its just exhausting to watch usually. So I was surprised at how sweet this show is. There’s teenage angst.

But in a refreshing and universal sort of way. I’m only on episode 2. But definitely watching more tonight.

A Handmaids Tale
I almost forgot to add this. I first read the book back in school, as part of English literature. Even as a textbook, I really liked it and that started me reading most of Margaret Atwood’s books. ( another one I really like is Alias Grace)
I loved the set of the show,the colours, the beautiful costumes! The starkness of the scenes.
Plus the plot of course, which is terrifying. Especially as a mother.

The first few episodes especially, every episodes seems to reveal a grimmer and grimmer reality.

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