#myfavouritethings 9.12.2015


1. Christmas in NZ is my favourite time of the year. With the warmer weather, there is a lift in everybody’s mood. Add to that the general good feeling of the coming summer break, shops gearing up for Christmas, family reunions and there is a tangible feeling of joy in the atmosphere. Work and school life winds down and family and leisure is just on the brink. It’s a good time to be in NZ.

2. My craft cabinet. Sorry it’s such a mess and I only tidied it up two weeks ago! This is where I keep my fabrics for quilts and kids clothes making. Also yarn for crochet which I recently took up and assorted notions.
I love buying crafty things but I really need to rein myself in because there is no more space! And really i think a lot of the time I enjoy buying the material more than actually doing the crafting.

3. Libraries. I love to read but I don’t really like buying books. Not just because I don’t like spending the money but also because once I’ve read the book, most of the time I don’t want to read it again and I don’t want to house books I’m never going to read again, it just adds to the disorder in the house. Hence, libraries are so perfect! Not only do I get to borrow books for free! But they have such a huge selection, and there is a very good ordering system so that I can get virtually any

Book I might want. Ok maybe not virtually any book, because they do take out the older less popular ones.

4. Case in point, books by my favourite author Beverley Hughesdon, I read her books at the library but they have been taken out of circulation. Her books were published circa late 80s, early 90s so I guess they are a bit old. But I was devastated when I realised I couldn’t read her book again. And they are out of print now and the author died three years ago!!!

Please don’t be fooled by the cheap romance look of the cover. I was lucky enough to find this copy at a second hand book fair in Christchurch twelve years ago. It’s not my favourite one of her books though. My favourite is “Silver Fountains” which is loosely based on the beauty and the beast story and the sequel to “Roses have Thorns”. The titles are taken from a Shakespearian sonnet:
Roses have thorns
And silver fountains mud…

#dayrebookclub basically her stories are love stories set during the first world war.
When I realised that the books were no longer available in they library, I did what I should have done years ago, hunted then down on eBay and Amazon. So soon I will have 3 of her books! I’m going to wrap them up for Christmas! She only wrote 4 books in total, but her first one is quite rare and costs about $150 and I’m not prepared to pay that much for a book which I don’t know anything about.

Apparently she left a manuscript when she died and her nephew is trying to get it published… But three years on, still no new book.

5. I love buying girl clothes. I think most moms get this. There’s just so much thrill to it, obviously part of it is the joy of doing something for our daughter, but I think another part of it is that when I buy clothes for myself, there’s so much anguish to go with it, the fit, the colours, the having to go into fitting room, the cost etc. But with girl clothes, most of the time it’s very straightforward, most of the time in a mother’s eyes, her girls look gorgeous in anything.

And there’s so much more colour and whimsy in the choices. Even the shops are so much fun to be in. My favourite kids shop to go to is cotton on, I just love the colours! And I love the simplicity in their design. And sometimes I go there just for ideas on what I can sew šŸ˜€ for the girls.

6. Eh… Can’t think of anymore at the moment… Will add on when I come up with something.

ThanksĀ @lynnnnnĀ for making me stop for awhile to think about this. Just thinking about my favourite things make me happy

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