Teens 7.2.2018


I just finished watching
“The end of the fxxking world”

It was pretty awesome!

But it only gets better at episode 3-4. If I hadn’t been bolstered by the many positive reviews I would have given up before the end of the first episode.

And I usually don’t watch teen focused shows. (Although I did enjoy atypical).

It’s sort of in the same vein as atypical, in that confused way teens are about what is real vs they believe is true.

It’s how sometimes you read in the news of how a teenager just murdered his parent and you wonder how things could have gone so wrong.

This series kind of answers that. It is the lack of perspective. And usually perspective can only be gained through life experiences. It’s no point telling a teenager the facts of life because they have only experienced life in a very sheltered and contained way.

When I was a teenager, I remember feeling afraid of the future because it was so unknown. But I also felt a lot more sure about the facts of life.

I have learnt things are a lot less black and white today.

Yesterday my husband was complaining about a friends daughter (the poor girl is becoming a teenager).

I had to remind him that we were teenagers too and from his own retelling, he was not an easy teenager to raise.

And our own daughter will be a teenager in a few short years…

Even now, she is not yet 10 but already beginning to transition. Her body is already beginning to develop.

She doesn’t greet her daddy at the door with the same kind of overwhelming joy she used to when she was younger.

She likes to chat with her best friend on Viber and requires privacy when she does!

She will sit quietly for hours reading an engrossing book.

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