Hi, thank you for visiting my blog.

This blog is inspired by the letters I used to send my best friend (now we mostly communicate via whatsapp). We used to send each other lengthy letters talking about everything and nothing. Those letters were honest and therapeutic and I hope to be able to achieve the same with this blog. To make sense of my day today and work out what I want to achieve tomorrow.

I am 33 years old and I live in Auckland, New Zealand with my husband and two beautiful daughters ages 2 and 5. I am figuring out parenting on a day by day basis. In my spare time, I love working on little craft and sewing projects, trying out new recipes and visiting new places.

Please email me on dearestsultana (at) gmail dot com

If you want to know even more about me, here’s a posts about who I am.


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  1. Ni hao Marlene,
    I am enjoying your blog, and hope you enjoy mine – thanks for ‘following’ me! Living as I do in the polluted air of Beijing (today it is very very bad) I really envy you in NZ where the air is fresh and clean. Take a few big breaths for me!
    Zai jian,
    Jo (aka Herschelian)

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