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Christmas & New Year’s Recap… two months late


Dearest Sultana,

I’m sorry I’ve been gone so long, it’s been about 4 months!!! and I have thought of this blog often during that time and yet couldn’t muster the energy, inspiration, courage to come back to my blog. But a few nights ago I put today into my diary as the day I would return, even if it’s just for a quick “hello, I’m still here!”

What have I been doing? Well there was Christmas, the kids went to visit Santa at his Bach (that’s a kiwi holiday home by the beach) and Santa was in his shorts and t-shirt, it was lots of fun for the kids, we put up the tree, opened presents and spend time with Grandma, Grandpa and the girls’ two aunts. Read the rest of this entry

Strawberry Picking


Strawberry Farm

Dearest Sultana,

My husband has a customer who is also a friend who owns a strawberry farm. Come strawberry season we would be welcomed down to his farm and given baskets to pick strawberries to our hearts content Read the rest of this entry

First Tastes of Gumbo



I was recently invited by Genie of Bunny Eats Design to participate in “The Growing Edge

Our Growing Edge is the part of us that is still learning and experimenting. It’s the part that you regularly grow and improve, be it from real passion or a conscious effort. This monthly event aims to connect and inspire us to try new things and to compile a monthly snapshot of what food bloggers are getting up to.


After rereading the criteria, I believe this post will fit in nicely.

October’s Growing Edge host is Alice from Nom Nom Cat.

Hi Alice, your Ratatouille looks magnificent! Please accept my submission:

Dearest Sultana,

A little while ago I wrote about my first attempt making enchiladas and Casey Webb of said I should try Gumbo next. Read the rest of this entry

Girls Circle Skirt with Elastic Band Tutorial


Girls Circle Skirt with elasticated waistband

Dearest Sultana,

Last Sunday, we went to Spotlight to get some polar fleece for a hoodie (for my husband’s fishing ‘attire’) and of course I couldn’t resist having a little peep into the quilting section.

I laid eyes on the lantern fabric Read the rest of this entry