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My Sewing Cabinet in Progress


Dearest Sultana,

We celebrated my husband’s birthday last week. In his family, whenever there is a birthday, red eggs will be prepared. These are simply hen eggs that have their shells dyed. My mother in law tells me that when we eat these eggs we wish the birthday person health, happiness and a long life, it also means that we love them. Unfortunately I forgot to do this in the morning! If I made them for the afternoon, everybody would be too full from the eggs to enjoy their dinner, so in the end I got some small chocolate eggs in foil. Believe it or not they were even more popular than the regular hen eggs.

Red Birthday Eggs

I have been working on my Sewing Cabinet for a little bit. It isn’t quite done yet but here are a few pictures Read the rest of this entry


My Sewing Cabinet


Dearest Sultana,

Months back, I came across this book, “Weekend Sewing”  by Heather Ross


It’s a really lovely books, with interesting projects, it finally convinced me to try shirring, and I’ve made two shirred dresses for my girls so far. But what really inspired me in this book is her idea of turning a tv cabinet into a sewing workstation/cabinet. Read the rest of this entry